Meet the Founder

Born on June 8, 1951, Dr. Maxwell Nartey is a Doctor of Homoeopathic Medicine, a Doctor of Natural health, a Doctor of Symptometry, a therapeutic scientist and researcher, a Licensed Symptometrist and a Fellow of the British Institute of Homoeopathy.
He is the inventor of root cause therapeutics, correlation diagnostics, and symptoms as codes, deconstructive research, therapeutic science and applied quantum physics.
In fact, the copyright office of the library of Congress, Washington, D.C., has recognized under copyright registration number TXu 1-621-370 twenty-two original concepts and doctrines, the name symptometry and the name applied therapeutic science as his inventions. As such, they are protected under intellectual property rights.
Dr. Nartey, DHM, NHD founded Symptometry in 1992. After fourteen years of laboratory research and applicability, he made root cause therapeuticsTM available to the public. Then, in 2010, he established the American School of Symptometry to train additional Doctors of Symptometry.The Board of Symptometry fully accredited American School of Symptometry in 2011.His approach to health restoration is so unique, so historic, so scientific, enlightening and down-to-earth, so logical and so result-oriented that the State of Illinois had absolutely no qualms approving the American School of Symptometry as a not-for-profit entity. 
Today, Symptometry is the only discipline of applied therapeutic science that provides nothing but root cause illness removal service. This has changed the contours of healthcare forever. In addition to helping a person heal, Dr. Nartey teaches one the benefits of cell nourishment- not nutrition – because there are many health disruptors in the foods nutritionists recommend. 
Symptometry is a much sought-after field of therapeutics because it is result oriented, it is pragmatic and it emphasizes nurturing. Both Covington’s WHO’S WHO and Stanford’s WHO’S WHO, with a worldwide membership of thousands of distinguished professionals from all fields of endeavor, acknowledged Dr. Maxwell Nartey’s stellar accomplishments in the field of health and symptometric science. As a token of appreciation, they awarded him a certificate of achievement for his historic work and trailblazing accomplishments.
Additionally, many physicians feel comfortable relating to Dr. Nartey. This is because his habit of putting science over and above culture and all other considerations as well as his non-confrontational approach makes Symptometry very appealing to knowledge seekers. He is a strong advocate of complementary therapeutics. 
In other words, Dr. Nartey encourages the following: physicians should continue to do what they do best in emergency situations, allopathic specialists should continue to play their role in diagnosis, naturopaths should continue to provide dietary counseling, acupuncturists should redistribute energy, symptometrists should provide root cause treatment at the cell level and homoeopathic doctors should continue to treat the totality of a sick person’s symptoms. In a good healthcare system, people should be able to get what they want.