Symptometry’s health services all cater to its mission of curing diseases.

Medical professionals, health care workers, psychologists, nutritionists, body work specialists, and the health conscious can all benefit from ASoS courses and certifications.



Symptometry, DNA, Root Cause Therapeutics, American School of Symptometry Symptometry intentionally bypasses all pharmaceutical drugs and herbs in its therapeutics.The symptometrist’s healing strategy entails:

  • Ionizing blockages from the cells and the hindrances from DNA.
  • Removing excess lactic acid from blood, if necessary.
  • Restoring water, energy, electricity, etc.
  • Keeping the body in a constant state of balance.
  • Nourishing the cells and the glands.
  • Helping a person to keep producing an enzyme surplus.
  • Steering the person away from all kinds of antagonists.
  • Encouraging nurturing.

Dr. Maxwell Nartey, DHM, NHD founded Symptometry in 1992. The symptometrist’s unique healing strategy was refined using fourteen years of laboratory research and applicability, before he made root cause therapeuticsTMavailable to the public.

While symptometrists do not use herbs or pharmaceutical drugs in the delivery of root cause therapeuticsTM, if a person’s situation calls for pharmaceutical drugs (accidents, stubborn hypertension, etc.) or herbs (alkaloid poisoning), s/he will be referred to the appropriate professional.

What current health professionals cannot do, however, is clean the DNA to: (1) cure current health challenges and (2) prevent future illness. For example, people who were born prematurely must be treated differently from people who were born full term because of specific deficits at the cellular level.If these are not taught in medical school and in homoeopathic school it does not mean they are untouchable subjects. People have all kinds of chronic diseases because the wrong approach (symptom treatment) is being used by both conventional medicine and alternative medicine to treat their conditions. The needs of the congested, inflamed and tattered cells must be be addressed. Only Symptometry does this.